Stock Clock Testing

For our stock clock testing, we have configured our CPU to run at factory settings for speed, voltage, and configured memory to XMP mode. This yields an approximate power at the wall of 300w under load (a 200w differential from idle, which pulls about 100w). This results in the CPU running at 3.8GHz on all cores during the looping rounds of Cinebench R20. You can read more about this in our introduction article here.

Max Fans – 100% Pump Speed

We started our testing by turning the fans up all the way to 11 which brought the Enermax AQUAFUSION 240 to 56 degrees Celsius (same as the Enermax LIQTECH II 360mm) where it was barely edged out by the Corsair H115i Platinum at 55 degrees Celsius. We noted that the max fan speed on the AQUAFUSION 240 was 2200 RPM (exactly like the LIQTECH II 3560mm) while the Corsair H115i Platinum topped out at 1800 RPM.

1500 RPM Fans – 100% Pump Speed

Dropping the fans slightly to 1,500 RPM brought the units a little more separation with the Enermax AQUAFUSION 240 coming in at 60 degrees Celsius compared to the slightly cooler Corsair H115i Platinum at 57 degrees Celsius. The Enermax LIQTECH II 360mm and the SilverStone PF360-RGB both hit 59 degrees Celsius in the same circumstances. However, the AQUAFUSION 240 is at a one fan disadvantage today compared to those units.

1000 RPM Fans – 100% Pump Speed

Lowering the fans RPM further to 1,000 RPM sees the AQUAFUSION 240 still about a degree Celsius off of its bigger brother the LIQTECH II 360MM (66 degrees Celsius versus 65 degrees Celsius). The Corsair H115i Platinum cooler comes in the coolest at 60 degrees Celsius.

600 RPM Fans – 100% Pump Speed

Finally, down at 600 RPM, with the pump still at 100%, the Enermax AQUAFUSION 240 starts to show the difference between being a 240mm design and being a more capable 360mm design as it is coming in at 82 degrees Celsius which is a full 14 degrees Celsius higher than the LIQTECH II 360mm (who takes the lead at 68 degrees Celsius followed by the Corsair H115i Platinum at 71 degrees Celsius).

600 RPM Fans – 50% Pump Speed

To silence the pump, we dropped its speed to 50%, giving us our quietest configuration to test. The Enermax LIQTECH II 360 checked in at 68 degrees Celsius. This is a full 21 degrees cooler than the AQUAFUSION 240 which landed at 87 degrees Celsius.

Let’s move on now to look at some Mild Overclocking results with our coolers.

David Schroth

David is a computer hardware enthusiast that has been tinkering with computer hardware for the past 25 years.

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