Upcoming Console Generation Could Last Only Five Years

Image: Sony

DigiTimes is reporting that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X may only be around for five years before their successors are announced. That’s interesting news – particularly for PC gamers, who have long suffered from pesky consoles and their inadequate, outdated hardware, which have arguably held back the industry as a whole. (Sure, we’ll admit that some of those exclusives look pretty incredible, but can you imagine what the average triple-A game would look like if modern processors and GPUs were the norm?)

“The life cycle for household game consoles may be shortened to five years from 6-7 years, and PS5 shipments may challenge 120-170 million units when its 5-year cycle expires, compared to 110 million units registered to date for PS4 launched in November 2013,” DigiTimes’s sources said, adding that “Sony has recently boosted its PS5 shipment estimate for 2020 to near 10 million units.”

Those same sources are also claiming that the PlayStation 5 is going to completely eclipse the Xbox Series X by the end of the next tiresome console war. We’re not sure how they came to this conclusion (neither Sony nor Microsoft have even revealed the prices of their consoles yet…), but apparently, people are already convinced that the former is going to sell twice as much.

“Sony’s new-generation PS5 game console shipments are estimated to reach at least 120 million units in the next five years after launch in fourth-quarter 2020, roughly double those for Microsoft’s Xbox series X,” according to sources within the supply chain.

Interest in the PlayStation 5 does seem to be building. UK-based trade magazine MCV reported on the results of a huge poll undertaken by pop culture agency Experience12 today, and the majority of respondents wanted what Sony had to offer.

“When asked to choose which upcoming console they were most excited about, 84 per cent named PlayStation 5, compared to 15 per cent who are most anticipating Xbox Series X,” MCV wrote.

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