Here’s a List of PS5 and Xbox Series X Games That Will Supposedly Run at 120 FPS

Image: Microsoft

Is the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X finally going to usher in the golden age of 60-FPS gaming for consoles? We’re not getting the answer to that any time soon, but what’s immediately clear is that Sony and Microsoft’s frame-rate ambitions have already run far higher than that. Eurogamer has shared a list of titles that will supposedly run at 120 FPS on next-gen consoles, most of which, perhaps unsurprisingly, are attributed to the Xbox Series X.

While 120 FPS is already old news for PC gamers (many have moved on to even better things like 240 Hz, with 360 Hz to come), this is a welcome jump for consolelites, who have generally been trapped behind sub-60-FPS experiences. The list of 120 FPS titles that we know of so far, which you can check out below, should really put the PS5 and Xbox Series X’s hardware to the test.

120 FPS PlayStation 5 Games

  • Dirt 5

120 FPS Xbox Series X Games

  • Dirt 5
  • ExoMecha
  • Gears 5
  • Halo Infinite (multiplayer)
  • Metal: Hellsinger
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  • Orphan of the Machine
  • Second Extinction

That’s a pretty healthy list for Xbox, but it’s definitely going to get a lot bigger when you consider the advancements that the backward compatibility team has made with older titles running on the Series X.

“The compatibility team has invented brand new techniques that enable even more titles to run at higher resolutions and image quality while still respecting the artistic intent and vision of the original creators,” Microsoft wrote in an Xbox Wire story back in May. “We are also creating whole new classes of innovations including the ability to double the frame rate of a select set of titles from 30 fps to 60 fps or 60 fps to 120 fps.”

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