Samsung Planning to Buy a Stake in Arm?

Image: Samsung

NVIDIA isn’t the only giant who wants a piece of the Arm pie. According to a report by The Korea Times, Samsung Electronics is interested in buying a small stake in the UK-based semiconductor and software design company.

“Samsung Electronics is considering acquiring a small stake in Arm, which will be between 3 percent and 5 percent,” said a top industry official. “Arm will be acquired by a consortium led by multiple parties from the semiconductor industry given the complex nature of Arm’s shareholding structure.”

So, what are the chances of NVIDIA actually Arm? Very low, according to this same official. Arm reportedly has a valuation of over $41 billion, a figure that green team may not be able to meet. Additionally, getting approval from regulators would be an uphill battle.

“Nvidia won’t become the sole suitor for Arm as the company needs to win approvals from fair trade authorities in countries that are doing business with the British company,” he said. “I think it will be difficult for Nvidia to gain approval from any of those authorities.”

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