Control Ultimate Edition: Remedy’s Otherworldly Hit Comes to Steam on August 27

Image: Remedy Entertainment

After a year of Epic Games Store exclusivity, Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games are finally releasing Control on Steam as part of a newly packaged “Ultimate Edition,” which will be available on August 27 for $39.99. Both of its DLCs, Foundation and AWE, are included (hence, “Ultimate” edition).

If you haven’t played Control yet, do yourself a favor and check it out as soon as you can. While the story poses more questions than answers, Control is one of the greatest-looking games of this generation and proves how much of an impact art direction has on world building. Thanks to Remedy’s amazing Northlight engine, the title also boasts unbelievable lighting, with or without ray-tracing enabled. Oh, and the gameplay is pretty solid, too – players can customize protagonist Jesse Faden with all sorts of mods, enhancing her ability to shoot, evade, and levitate her way out of trouble. There’s even a handful of goodies to collect, such as special costumes.

Here’s a copy of the official FAQ, which should address most questions pertaining to Control’s new Ultimate Edition.

What is Control Ultimate Edition?

Control Ultimate Edition comprises of:
Control base game
• The Foundation (Expansion 1)
• AWE (Expansion 2)
• The Expeditions end game mode, Photo Mode and all the content updates since the release of the original game.

All this amazing content in a single great value package!

Which platforms will Control Ultimate Edition be launching on?

Control Ultimate Edition will be launching on the following platforms.
• PlayStation 4
• PlayStation 5
• Xbox One
• Xbox Series X
• Epic Games Store
• Steam

How much will Control Ultimate Edition cost on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam and on the Epic Games Store?

Control Ultimate Edition will cost $39.99/£34.99/€39.99

What are the release dates for Control Ultimate Edition on all platforms?
• August 27th Steam
• September 10th Epic Game Store, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (digital)
• End of 2020 PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (physical edition)
• End of 2020 PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (digital)
• Early 2021 PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X (physical)

We are unfortunately unable to ship both digital and physical editions at the same time due to various production reasons related to the global pandemic.

Will Control Ultimate Edition give me access to Control on Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5?

We will offer a free next-gen digital upgrade for those who buy Control Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. For more information on eligibility, stay tuned to our website and community channels.

What if I purchased the original version of Control previously?

The free upgrade path to Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 version of Control is only available for Control Ultimate Edition.

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