Garth Davis to Direct Next Tron Movie

Tron: Legacy
Image: Disney

The next Tron movie is edging closer to full production. It has been ten years since the last one, which meagerly reached a profitable status for Disney. At one point, a sequel was considered but then quickly shelved after Disney went full steam ahead with more Pirates of the Caribbean, live-action adaptations, and its newly acquired Marvel and Star Wars franchises. Considering the billions made there, the math is not hard to compare, even with some of the other projects that didn’t do so well then. By 2015, official word came out that no sequel would be made.

Well, in July, we started to hear that a new project was in the works. Jared Leto had been reported as taking on a lead role for what is tentatively being referred to as Tron 3. Deadline has now discovered that Garth Davis has now been named as its director. According to IMDB, he’s won 17 awards with 14 nominations. Projects such as Top of The Lake (2013), Lion (2016), and Mary Magdalene (2018) have all either won or been nominated for various awards. Leto is currently sharing in producing credits along with Justin Springer and Emma Ludbrook.

Ongoing Changes

Giant Freakin’ Robot (GFR) has noted how this project has had a number of name changes and directors now. At first, names bounced between Tron: Legacy 2 and Tron: Ascension. By 2015, many simply referred to it as Tron 3. The script is still being worked on, so it remains unknown what the story will be. GFR, however, has stated that Tron 3 could be more of a spin-off than a sequel or reboot. This, in part, is due to Leto’s character, Ares, being one mentioned in Tron: Legacy from a past revolution. It is also unknown if any of the previous cast will return.

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