NVIDIA’s Flagship RTX 30 Series GPUs Could Be Extremely Power Hungry


The latest rumors suggest that the power demands of NVIDIA’s upcoming flagship RTX 30 Series graphics cards will be quite a bit higher than the current generation. According to recurring leakers KkatCorgi and kopite7kimi (via VideoCardz), the RTX 3080 Ti’s (3090?) PCB features over 20 inductors (power chokes) on an “extremely” packed PCB. That’s a substantial increase over the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti, whose PCB houses 16 cokes.

The implication here is that NVIDIA’s next flagship GPU(s) will be power-hungry beasts that leverage a very complex VRM. With inductors being a key component in power management, the increased number would point toward additional phases and higher power requirements overall.

While none of us want to take a tweet of a cartoon cat seriously, Igor Wallossek did suggest that the so-called RTX 3090 would boast a relatively high TGP – 350 watts, to be exact. We’ve also seen plenty of other evidence alluding to higher power demands, such as an all-new, intricate fan/heatsink design, as well as allegations of a new power-connector layout.

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