Report: NVIDIA Buying Arm “By the End of the Summer”


According to the Evening Standard’s latest exclusive, NVIDIA will be buying Arm by the end of the summer. Sources claim that green team has entered “exclusive talks” with the British semiconductor and software design company, which implies that acquisition offers with other contestants have fallen through.

Actually, that’s exactly what the Evening Standard claims. “In April, Goldman approached Apple, which decided against buying the business,” the publication wrote. “The bank then tried to put together a consortium including, Qualcomm, Samsung and Nvidia who would all take stakes in Arm, the Evening Standard understands.”

“But California based Nvidia has emerged as the sole interested buyer.”

Arm is reportedly worth $44 billion, so NVIDIA will be paying dearly in the event that regulators allow the acquisition to happen. Critics have also pointed out that this would spell the end of Arm’s neutrality.

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