Intel Xe DG1
Image: Intel

Intel is readying its product stack for its upcoming Xe lineup. Last week, details emerged about a new 10 nm SuperFin process. Additional details for the Xe gaming lineup are now coming forth. Wccftech has reported that the Xe-HPG GPUs may be using a different process node. The Xe-HPG sits in the middle of Intel’s Xe product stack. It falls between the HP (datacenter-oriented) and LP (mobile-oriented) tiers. Rumor has it that TSMC’s 6 nm process node could be chosen for this particular GPU.

Codenamed N6, this fabrication process represents the growing shift to EUV lithography. Throughout 2019 and 2020, we have heard how many chip designers and manufacturers are moving to the more efficient process. EUV lithography can improve production times while producing smaller and more power-efficient chips. TSMC has already been using it for its N7+ node. NVIDIA has also been rumored to be eyeing its 5 nm node for its Hopper GPUs.

If this rumor proves to be true, it could enable the Xe-HPG GPU to compete favorably both in the mobile and desktop markets. Other rumored specs for Xe-HPG are 512 EUs, up to 4096 cores, and a launch in 2021. From a strategic standpoint, such a low-powered GPU, launched in 2021, would be well positioned to battle it out with AMD’s RDNA 2 and NVIDIA’s Ampere.

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  1. It could be 3nm too.. have triple optane drives, 64 gb of gddr8 plus in a triple chip stack of 64k processing units with double ray tracing and shadow tracing .. all for 299 launching 21ish, or 22ish or 23ish.

    All these ‘news’ from Intel really read like a wish list to Santa Claus.

  2. I am prepared to get overhyped and underwhelmed.

    Yep… Its just a matter of degrees of underwhelming.

    Yep..I have to agree on both fronts. At this point, I feel the hype trains need to stop and the real ones need to leave the station. Get these things out in the wild already. At this point, nobody is expecting miracles but if they could get some sales going they could get revenue started along with real-world experiences for them. Around 2nd or 3rd gens, sure we’ll all be expecting more but for the 1st, just get ’em out already.

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