Raja Koduri Gives a Glimpse of Three Intel Xe Dies

Intel Xe Raja
Image: Intel

Intel continues to move closer to the release of its upcoming Xe discrete GPU product line. Up until now, there have not been many images of the actual Xe line, but we continue to get glimpses of various parts in development. The latest round features three dies, along with a AA battery for size reference.

lmage: Intel

There have been numerous rumors regarding the Xe family. Raja has already teased about the “father” of all HP GPUs, and the largest die in the picture could very well be it. This might be the Arctic Sound high-performance GPU that was also spotted in a recent Intel driver update. It is believed that this chip is actually based on an MCM design using four Intel Xe tiles. Raja has referred to this particular chip as the BFP, or Big Fabulous Package.

Image: Intel

By using an MCM approach, Intel can design each chip to scale to many levels. Three tiers are currently known. At the top is HPC for enterprise, data center, and research solutions. Next is HP for high-powered computing and workstations. Last is LP for gaming and mobile PC solutions. It is possible that the other two dies in the picture are of the HP and LP lines.

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