Intel’s Avengers-Themed CPUs Don’t Come with the Game

Image: Crystal Dynamics

Earlier this month, we learned that Intel would be celebrating Crystal Dynamics’ new Avengers title with a series of specially packaged 10th Gen Core processors covered in Marvel-ous artwork. Unfortunately, that’s all marketing could come up with. momomo_us has shared some fine print confirming that these collector’s editions won’t actually come with a copy of Marvel’s Avengers.

This is the part where you ask what the point of this promotion was. Your guess is as good as ours, but to be fair, we’re hearing that these “KA” Avengers SKUs will be priced similarly to their standard counterparts, so prospective Comet Lake-S adopters who also happen to be big on Marvel have nothing to lose by getting these variants.

Earlier this week, Intel shared a look at how the artwork for its Avengers Collector’s Edition packaging came together. The illustration is by Tristan Eaton, a talented, LA-based artist who’s known for toy designs and street murals.

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