Sega Doubling Down on PC Efforts After Finding Success on Steam

Image: Sega

Sega recently released Persona 4 Golden on Steam, which managed to sell a lot more than the company had anticipated. As a result of that financial success, the Japanese company has revealed that it’s shifting gears and putting a lot more priority into PC platform development. Basically, we’re about to get a lot more Sega games on Steam, which is great news for fans who have been crying for PC versions of Virtua Fighter 5, Panzer Dragoon Orta, and other classics. (We’re not sure if those will actually happen, but we can dream, right?)

“We remastered Person 4 The Golden, the title previously sold on PlayStation Vita, and launched on Steam in this fiscal year,” executives said. “The games received high score in the review site and as the sales prices were also low, sales were significantly higher than expected. Going forward, we intend to aggressively promote the porting of previously launched titles to Steam and other new platforms.”

Sega also hinted that newer titles may launch on PC simultaneously with consoles. Traditionally, the company was all about milking console peasants first, but the bean counters have finally realized how profitable Steam and other PC platforms can be.

“For new titles in the future, we are negotiating with the 1st parties per title and is considering ways to sell them on favorable terms,” Sega added. “Under such direction, we would like to take multi-platform roll-out in account and prepare the PC version and others from the start.”

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