NVIDIA Confirms 12-Pin Power Connector in New Video, Adapters Will Be Included


NVIDIA has released a video that elaborates on the thermal engineering efforts behind its GeForce graphics cards. About six minutes in, Director of System Engineering Gabriele Gorla reveals that the company has been working on a new 12-pin power connector, which seems to confirm that the GeForce RTX 30 Series (or, at least, the Founders Editions, per rumors) is ditching the traditional 2x 8-pin system. Gorla notes that the new connector is smaller but capable of carrying more power. Adapters will evidently be included.

“To lift the shroud on this process, we spoke to some of NVIDIA’s best and brightest, who detailed the art and science behind graphics card design today, with a look towards the possibilities of the future,” wrote NVIDIA. “In the video below, we offer a first glimpse at some of the strides we have made in designing graphics cards, so that they can reach their maximum potential while remaining cool and quiet. They include:

  • Thermal: A new, airflow-optimized cooling solution, redesigned to overcome existing constraints and move more air through the system for maximum cooling efficiency
  • Mechanical: A stronger mechanical structure, including a new low profile leaf spring that leaves room for a back cover
  • Electrical: A compact electrical design, with a new 12-pin power connector that allows more space for components and cooling, and is compatible with existing power supplies via an included adapter
  • Product Design: A no-compromise, cohesive design that embraces the revolutionary thermal solution while beautifully harmonizing each element of the graphics card”

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