Overclockers Push DOOM Eternal past 1,000 Frames per Second

Image: id Software

Back in February, id Software’s lead engine programmer Billy Kahn claimed that DOOM Eternal could hit 1,000 frames per second with the right hardware. Apparently, he wasn’t kidding.

In a new blog post, Bethesda shared that x-kom Head of R&D Marcin “Ryba” Rywak and tech blogger Piotr “Lipton” Szymanski managed exceed 1,000 FPS in DOOM Eternal after two days of experimentation with an Intel Core i7-9700K and ASUS RTX 2080 Ti. The duo only hit 500 to 600 frames per second initially, but after pulling out the liquid nitrogen and pushing the processor’s eight cores to 6.6 GHz, high-frame-rate nirvana was attained.

“The DOOM Slayer was walking through the opening corridor of DOOM Eternal’s ‘Hell on Earth’ level when all eight CPU cores clocked at nearly 6.6GHz, and the frame meter registered exactly 1,006 frames per second,” Bethesda wrote. “It even went up as high as 1,014 FPS during a tutorial map, exceeding the 1,000 FPS goal with frames to spare.”

“We made a major improvement in id Tech 7 around the job system,” Khan previously explained. “Using this across the board everywhere allowed us to speed up on the CPU side to get those high speeds.”

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