Control Will Be Getting a DRM-Free Release on GOG

Control Ultimate Edition Homepage image
Image: Remedy Entertainment

Today marks the one-year anniversary for Remedy Entertainment’s Control. There are numerous changes in store for it as it leaves the Epic Games Store (EGS) exclusivity status. Recently, the Ultimate Edition was announced that it would be coming to Steam today. Now, it seems, another popular online retailer will soon be offering the groundbreaking game. DSOG has reported that Control will also be finding its way to GOG in DRM-free fashion.

A Tale of Different DRM Versions

Control did initially launch on EGS as DRM-free, but a few months later, a patch had added it in. That patch also broke Steam Controller support. Not too long after that, PCGamesN reported that Remedy Entertainment stated it was a mistake and it rolled back that update.

It is not unusual for patches, or DRM status, to change with games after their release. Sometimes things improve and get better, sometimes they may temporarily get worse. In either case, Remedy Entertainment has shown exemplary commitment in updating Control since its release. Along the way, Control also became the poster child for NVIDIA’s new ray-tracing and DLSS technologies. It was even one of the first to get updated to DLSS 2.0, thus allowing the game to escape many of the resolution lockdowns associated with DLSS.

Control Maintenance Sector
Image: Remedy Entertainment

For those wondering if DLSS 2.0 added ultrawide support, well, wonder no more! It does have limited support for up to 2560 x 1080, in 21:9. Here is a screen capture showing it using all game settings, including ray tracing and DLSS, set to their maximum quality levels.

Image: Remedy Entertainment
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