Report: Sony Slashing PlayStation 5 Pricing In Response to Xbox Series X/S

Image: Sony

Yesterday, Microsoft finally revealed that its next-gen consoles, the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, would be released on November 10 and cost $499 and $299, respectively. These are very impressive prices, especially when you consider what they’re packing under their hoods. In fact, they’re so good that Sony is supposedly now on high alert.

According to Gamereactor’s sources, Sony has slashed the price of the PlayStation 5 to $499 so it can meet Microsoft’s flagship eye to eye. The digital edition of the console, which lacks the standard SKU’s 4K UHD Blu-ray disc drive, has also been reduced to $399. While that’s nowhere near as good as the Xbox Series S’s price ($299), both of Sony’s consoles manage to offer the same graphics performance.

“Such is the fast-moving nature of the business that we’re already hearing reports from multiple sources that Sony has taken the decision to slash the price of the PS5 in response to the aggressive price point of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X,” Gamereactor claimed.

“Since writing up our original report, we’ve heard that Sony is considering pricing the discless PS5 at $399 and the premium edition of the PlayStation will match the Xbox Series X with a $499 price point.”

It’s tough to gauge how true these rumors are. Reducing prices to compete is perfectly plausible, but outside of the PlayStation division, Sony doesn’t seem to be doing too well financially. Is the company really willing to take this kind of hit? It doesn’t have the deep pockets of Microsoft.

Gamereactor also claimed that the PlayStation 5’s original cost was supposed to be “considerably” higher than the Xbox Series X. If that’s true, we can only assume that the PS5 was (or is…) $599, while the digital edition is $499.

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