Mass Effect Trilogy Remasters Leaked by Retailer

Image: BioWare

Here’s another sign that the Mass Effect Trilogy remaster is finally happening. Earlier today, Portuguese retailer Gaming Replay jumped the gun with three listings for the long-anticipated remaster’s PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and – surprise – Nintendo Switch versions. While the listings have since been removed, Nibellion was able to grab a screenshot of the temporary box arts.

We’re not sure if the listings are legit, since retailers have been known to put up temporary listings for heavily hyped but unconfirmed titles. The logo on the boxes doesn’t help, either – this happens to be the same graphic that EA and BioWare used for the standard Mass Effect Trilogy release, which can be seen on the Origin site and elsewhere.

GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb has been adamant that the Mass Effect Trilogy remaster exists, however. He recently claimed during a podcast that EA had originally planned to release the package in October, but it may have been delayed.

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