Assuming that they don’t own one already, GeForce RTX 3080 owners may want to put LG’s OLED TVs back onto their holiday wish lists. The Korean display giant has released a statement confirming that a firmware fix is on the way for its 2020 and 2019 HDMI 2.1 models, which haven’t been playing nicely with NVIDIA’s newest flagship GPU.

Echoing our original report from Sunday (which we’ve updated), users have been complaining about LG’s CX Class OLED displays downsampling chroma signals from 4:4:4 to 4:2:2 in 4K/120 Hz. The biggest problem with this is blurry text, which is a definite no-no for PC usage. There are also issues with G-SYNC – apparently, GeForce RTX 3080 users who enable the option on CX and C9 models are getting flickering and/or black screens.

LG hasn’t given an exact date as to when the firmware fix will be available, but it should be released sometime next month. Here’s the complete statement.

“LG has been made aware that some LG OLED TVs are experiencing certain compatibility issues with the recently launched Nvidia RTX 30 Series graphics card. An updated firmware has been in development with plans for a roll out within the next few weeks to LG’s 2020 and 2019 HDMI 2.1 capable TVs, which should address these incompatibility issues. When ready, additional information will be available on the LG website and in the software update section of owners’ LG TVs. We apologise for the inconvenience to our loyal customers and thank them for their support as we continue to push the boundaries of gaming technology and innovation.”

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  1. Will it need another update when Big Navi ships?

    I really want this to be my next monitor, but it will have to wait until after Ryzen 3 and my next video card. Could be a while.

  2. [QUOTE=”hubaduba, post: 18881, member: 1423″]
    Will it need another update when Big Navi ships?

    I really want this to be my next monitor, but it will have to wait until after Ryzen 3 and my next video card. Could be a while.
    I doubt it. I think it was a simple oversight, or maybe intentional, that the televisions were shipped without HDMI 2.1 features enabled since other televisions with HDMI 2.1 that people tested worked fine.

  3. LG pushed out a firmware update that addresses this issue for the Korean region. Should be pushed to other regions soon.

  4. I can’t bring myself to use my LG 55CX to be my full time monitor yet. May decide to if I can get a 3000 series card.

  5. Was lucky enough to score a Strix 3090 this week on Amazon. Some good news for LG owners wondering about it. If your t.v. has self updated to the latest firmware 5.00.03 it’s pretty much a Plug’n’Play experience. Just make sure you’ve got a good HDMI 2.1 cable or you can have screen blank outs(atm all I have are some 2.0s supposedly rated at 48 GHz). Was rocking 4K/120 Hz/HDR/12-bit/G-sync all day yesterday.

  6. [QUOTE=”Peter_Brosdahl, post: 24069, member: 87″]
    Was rocking 4K/120 Hz/HDR/12-bit/G-sync all day yesterday.
    This is great news for everything except my wallet… thank you for the update!

  7. [QUOTE=”LazyGamer, post: 24071, member: 1367″]
    except my wallet…
    Yeah, I’ll be limping along probably until around February when it’s paid off but I’m glad to have it and now I won’t have to upgrade this rig for years now. Everything’s pretty much matched up. The only thing left on my wish list is a 2TB PCIe 4.0 NVMe but I can wait another year or so.

  8. I ordered an HDMI 2.1 cable yesterday, should be here tomorrow or Wednesday. I’ll let everyone know how it goes.

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