NVIDIA Accused of Leaking Customer Email Addresses Through Its Online Store

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Heads up to those of you with an NVIDIA store account: your personal information may have been seen and/or recorded by numerous strangers.

According to an enormous thread on reddit with nearly 600 comments, green team has been leaking customer email addresses through its online shop, which has seen tremendous activity over the past few weeks due to the launch of the GeForce RTX 30 Series.

Apparently, the log-in field on the order status page would display random but legitimate email addresses of existing customers. “An email address to a stranger did indeed appear in the login field,” PCMag confirmed in its coverage. “A quick Google search revealed the same email address belonged to a college student in Florida who studies computer science.”

Numerous users on Twitter have also confirmed the security lapse, some of whom have received emails from complete strangers. “Can I have your 3080,” reads one message.

Others claim that NVIDIA’s online store is leaking home addresses and masked credit card numbers as well. We’re not sure if the problems are still ongoing, but NVIDIA did promise to investigate.

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