TSMC on Track for Large Volume 3 Nm Production in 2022

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Image: TSMC

TSMC is maintaining its schedule for increased mass production of its forthcoming 3 nm wafers. As is, 2020 has been an incredibly busy year for it, as can be seen by these many stories. The N3 node is expected to release in 2022, with larger volumes due in 2023. DigiTimes reports it will start off a bit slowly in the second half of 2022, with around 55,000 wafers per month set to be delivered. Once 2023 begins, monthly output is then expected to nearly double to around 100,000.

These numbers are largely due to EUV lithography. This is still a relatively new process that is enabling manufacturers to increase production quantities while decreasing production times. As node sizes continue to decrease, demand for them is also increasing. It was also announced today that TSMC is planning to purchase 55 more EUV lithography machines before the end of 2021. It’s a safe bet this is a part of its long-term strategy with achieving production deadlines.

This will be welcome news to AMD and Intel, as both have been known to use chips from TSMC. NVIDIA also uses chips from TSMC and is believed to be using its 5 nm node for its Ampere successor, Hopper. Meanwhile, AMD could be eyeing these 3 nm wafers as the next step following Zen 4 in 2022. AMD’s Zen 4 will also be using the 5 nm node. From decreased power demands to increased performance, it is obvious why TSMC’s chips are so highly sought after from all sides of the tracks.

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