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EA Motive’s Star Wars: Squadrons has officially released today. The game promises to let fans live out their fantasies of blowing stuff up as an X-Wing or TIE Fighter pilot, but there seems to be a few launch hiccups.

According to DSOG, the game’s animations are locked to 30 FPS at higher refresh rates, such as 120 Hz and 144 Hz. The only way to fix this is to lower the refresh rate and enable vertical sync.

“After a lot of testing, we were finally able to enable 60fps animations,” DSOG wrote. “In order to achieve this, you’ll have to set your refresh rate at 59.95Hz in the Screen Settings. Then, you’ll have to enable V-Sync. By doing these, you’ll force the game’s animation to run at 60fps.”

DSOG has also warned prospective starfighter pilots of another bug. Apparently, there’s an issue where CPU usage ramps up to 100 percent for the first 5–10 minutes of the game.

“If you immediately run the single-player campaign or an MP mode, you will be affected by it,” DSOG noted. “After these 5-10 minutes, CPU usage drops to 70-80%. Still, this is an abnormal behavior that affects the gameplay.”

One theory is that the high CPU usage relates to shader compiling – a concept that should be familiar to Battlefront II players. Let’s hope that EA Motive addresses these issues with its next patch.

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  1. I have zero problems.
    No abnormal CPU usage.
    4k60fps with room to spare, game is Potato friendly :)
    R2700, RTX 2070
  2. I ran X-Wing first on a 386DX-40 that I built specifically to be able to play the game… back when that was a reasonably fast system one could assemble from used parts bought from the proceeds of odd jobs.

    I remember playing the game with a three button mouse and having the keyboard binding sheet on the desk because each key usually had two or three functions!

    Now, I’m having a hard time deciding to this game. Nostalgic as I am, I kind of want to do it ‘right’, and my current desk setup isn’t really suited for it. I feel like I need at least a HOTAS setup (I ain’t doing this with a controller), which is another expense, but also something that I have to find a place for. I’m also thinking that my 32" 1440p VA is going to hold me back. This game seems like it is made to sell OLEDs!

  3. I got a friend raving about the experience in VR. I’ve never tried VR-anything before, but this seems like a game well-suited for it.
  4. I got a friend raving about the experience in VR. I’ve never tried VR-anything before, but this seems like a game well-suited for it.

    That’s something else I’m being cautious about. I’ll admit that the basic idea is cool, but that I just don’t find the overall concept that appealing in current implementations.

    Part of that I think is the overall investment in equipment, space, and adjustment to a very different interface style alongside needing an app that is a personal ‘killer app’.

    However I do feel that this game and games like it (No Man’s Sky has been brought up a lot lately) that focus on ‘cockpit views’ for lack of a better term are pretty much perfect for VR!

  5. The missions seem to be smooth enough, but the in between stuff where you talk to the different characters is basically stuck at 60Hz for sure. Kind of nasty once you notice it. Admittedly, I’m not all that far into the game’s story and I haven’t touched multiplayer yet.
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