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The first round of PlayStation 5 hands-on previews have hit the web courtesy of Japan’s top gaming publications (e.g., Dengeki, Famitsu) and YouTubers. They appear to be in unanimous agreement over several advancements introduced by Sony’s next-gen console, such as impressive loading speeds and near-silent operation.

Some of the titles that were tested include Astro’s Playroom (pre-installed), Balan Wonderworld, Devil May Cry V Special Edition, and Godfall, all of which appear to run great and load relatively quickly. Famitsu’s demonstration suggests that Astro’s Playroom loads nearly instantaneously, while Godfall takes only two to three seconds. Apparently, the hype behind the PS5’s SSD is real.

Editors have also noted how quiet the system is, which is a welcome surprise considering how ridiculously loud the PS4 and PS4 Pro can get. Those consoles have been compared to jet engines, but Sony appears to have remedied noise concerns with a better-ventilated chassis and higher-quality fans.

In terms of size, 4gamer has published a gallery of high-resolution photos that give us a good idea of just how enormous the PS5 is. Aside from the extensive footprint, Sony fans seem particularly concerned about the shiny, black portion of the console. It looks almost foil-like at certain angles, which is rather unsightly.

The PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 5 Digital Edition will be released on November 12 for $499.99 and $399.99, respectively. Being that the preorder situation is a total mess, a miracle may be required to get one this holiday.

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  1. Some of those high gloss shots make me wonder if they took the protective film off the thing.

    Not sure what Sony was going for here…. but it definitely stands out. Not just another black box to be sure.

    Lower operating volume is always welcome. And while my launch PS4 can get noisy with spinny disc and fans at full throttle… still doesn’t beat my launch 360. That thing sounded like a damn harrier taking off when it ramped up.

  2. I like the shine, I like the console in general. Gawd with the tech sector critics, try something new, get burned by one half, keep it the same, get burned by the other half.

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