Image: Jordan Brown

2kliksphilip has shared a video demonstrating how the latest iteration of NVIDIA’s Deep Learning Super Sampling technology handles low-resolution content. The YouTuber ran Control and Death Stranding at an extremely gross 240p, but surprisingly, DLSS 2.0 managed to create a decent 720p picture out of it.

While there’s all kinds of issues that you wouldn’t normally see (e.g., visible halos and checkerboarding) at higher rendering settings, the result is a testament to the magic and wizardry behind NVIDIA’s AI-assisted technology.

2kliksphilip also points out that DLSS 2.0 can be used strictly for anti-aliasing. Images that are upscaled and then downscaled (e.g., 1440p > 2160p > 1440p) by DLSS look pretty great, reducing the need for MSAA and other standard solutions.

Could we be seeing DLSS-like technologies in future consoles? Weaker systems like the Nintendo Switch seem like a great candidate.

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