Apple Announcing First Mac with ARM-Based Silicon in November?

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Image: Apple

Earlier this year, Apple announced that it would be distancing itself from Intel by transitioning its popular Mac computers to in-house, ARM-based silicon. A Bloomberg report regarding 5G iPhones suggests that we’ll be seeing the first Mac with these custom chips as early as November.

“The new iPhone line will be Apple’s most important product launch of the year and follows the release of new Apple Watches earlier this month,” Bloomberg reported. “The company is also preparing to announce its first Apple-branded over-ear headphones and a smaller version of the HomePod speaker as early as this month. The first Mac laptop with Apple’s own processor, among other products, will emerge at another launch in November.”

While it’s too early to tell how ARM-based Macs will compare to their traditional x86 counterparts (we haven’t heard anything aside from “industry-leading performance per watt and higher performance GPUs”), it seems safe to assume that they’ll be very efficient and consume a lot less power.

The switch is also excellent news for developers, who no longer have to rewrite their iOS/iPadOS apps for Mac users. Apple Silicon unifies the ecosystems.

“From the beginning, the Mac has always embraced big changes to stay at the forefront of personal computing,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said during the original announcement. “With its powerful features and industry-leading performance, Apple silicon will make the Mac stronger and more capable than ever. I’ve never been more excited about the future of the Mac.”

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