Oculus Users Who Delete Their Linked Facebook Accounts Will Lose All Purchases, Achievements, and Store Credits

Image: Oculus

Facebook’s acquisition of Oculus is getting worse by every day.

We previously shared a story about how mandatory Facebook account sign-ups were turning Quest 2 headsets into $299 paperweights for myriad users, but now, new reports that prove how ridiculous the social media integration is are pouring in.

Users who have tried deleting their Facebook accounts have discovered an updated message (via UploadVR) warning them that doing so will remove all of their Oculus content. This includes app purchases (many of which cost money, obviously), as well as achievements. Additionally, users will lose all of their store credits.

“Deleting your account is permanent,” the message reads. “When you delete your Facebook account, you won’t be able to retrieve the content or information you’ve shared on Facebook. Your Messenger and all of your messages will also be deleted.”

“Deleting your Facebook account will also delete your Oculus information. This includes your app purchases and achievements. You will no longer be able to return any apps and will lose any existing store credits.”

This seems pretty crazy to us, since users should be allowed to keep content that they legitimately paid for. Some readers have pointed out that this is totally illegal in certain regions such as the EU, so it’ll be interesting to see whether Oculus devices get banned there. Lawyers are probably salivating at the prospect of class action lawsuits, too.

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