Viking City Builder Is the First RTS with Ray Tracing and DLSS 2.0

Image: Roslagen

Since the introduction of real-time ray tracing in video games, many have questioned its worth. From racing games to fast-paced shooters, players are often left scratching their heads wondering if the visual improvements are worth the performance hits. NVIDIA took things a step further with DLSS, which improves performance while ray tracing is enabled and, in some cases, overall image quality. The folks over at OC3D have spotted how a lone game developer named Roslagen is working on the world’s first RTS game to incorporate both ray tracing and DLSS 2.0.

About Viking City Builder

The Viking age – uncertain times for Europeans when the Norsemen started a large-scale conquest campaign throughout Europe to broaden their territories. Become one of the leaders of one such group and after pillaging a small village, you and your Viking brothers decided to settle down and build your own settlement on top of the ashes.

Viking City Builder is a classical city building game with elements of a real-time strategy sparked on top! Make a new place to live for your Viking brothers and sisters, build homes, longhouses, boating houses, ritual houses, and many more constructions from the era. Send your people to work or hunt for food in the wilderness!

And don’t forget about the Viking fortresses, as you may need a sturdy army to follow your orders when the Europeans come to take back what’s originally theirs! Your fierce warriors will also come in handy when your settlement will run low on resources. You can send them to pillage some more, prey on the weak, and steal their goods!

The game features stellar graphics powered by the Unreal Engine. It’s also the first strategy game that uses Ray Tracing to enhance the visuals! The Northern Fjords were never before as gorgeous!

Screen Comparisons

Image: Roslagen
Image: Roslagen
Image: Roslagen
Image: Roslagen

As you can see, some of the ray-traced elements show a major uptick in image quality. That deer in the first image could be questioning the realism of its reflection in the water. The reflections of clouds and shadows in the next image represent a similar level of realism. Viking City Builder is still in development and its release date is unknown, but you can see more about it on Steam.

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