Oscar Isaac In Negotiations to Play Moon Knight, Marvel’s Version of Batman

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Image: Moon Knight

Deadline has learned that Star Wars alum Oscar Isaac is being pursued for the titular role in Disney and Marvel’s upcoming streaming series, Moon Knight, which tells the story of Marc Spector: an ex-Marine and CIA agent who becomes a caped superhero after being blessed by the powers of Egyptian moon god Khonshu.

“Jeremy Slater, who developed and wrote Netflix’s series adaptation of The Umbrella Academy comic books, has been tapped to develop and lead the writing team on the series for the streamer, Deadline reported.

While Moon Knight is relatively unknown outside of comic book circles, the involvement of Isaac – who’s made a name for himself in critically acclaimed features such as Ex Machina – should help propel the character into the public consciousness.

What could also draw audiences to Moon Knight is his semblances to one of the world’s most popular superheroes, Batman. Similar to the Dark Knight, Moon Knight is rich and uses his wealth to fight crime with fancy gadgets, such as the Angel Wing glider and Moon-copter.

There’s more to Moon Knight than those surface-level similarities, however, as the character is afflicted with multiple personality disorder. Spector has unwillingly taken on various identities in the comics – an angle that could make the series particularly interesting.

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