Ubisoft Issuing Hot Fix for Watch Dogs: Legion Bug That Overheats Xbox Series X Consoles

Image: Ubisoft

It appears that Ubisoft’s QA team didn’t spend enough time with the Xbox Series X version of its latest open-world game, Watch Dogs: Legion.

According to a various reports by publications such as Eurogamer, the Xbox Series X version of Watch Dogs: Legion has an embarrassing bug during the main campaign that causes the game to come to a screeching halt.

What’s worse is that the glitch could shorten the lifespan of the console – apparently, the bug raises thermals to an extent where the Xbox Series X forces itself to shut down.

Something else that’s amusing is that the bug happens on a level called “404.” We have no idea why Ubisoft would want to destroy people’s $499 consoles, but the irony here almost makes that intent plausible.

“The issue appears to be triggered around 6-8 hours into the main campaign (during a mission called – I kid you not – 404),” Eurogamer noted.

“Our reviewer reported the game freezes at a certain point and the Xbox console warns it is about to shut down, as it’s designed to, because of overheating – which it duly does. It’s an issue we’ve anecdotally heard has happened to multiple reviewers of the game on Xbox One X – Ubisoft’s recommended platform for reviewers.”

“We’re aware of this issue and there will be a hot fix due to be released on 30th October which should help,” the company confirmed in an official statement.

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