Apple Developing Mac Pro with ARM Processor and Smaller Design

Image: Apple

Apple is expected to unveil the first Mac computers powered exclusively by ARM-based processors during its recently announced “One more thing” event, which is slated for November 10.

These will reportedly comprise three new MacBook models (a 13-inch MacBook Pro, a 16-inch MacBook Pro, and a 13-inch MacBook Air), but according to a Bloomberg report, Apple has already begun the process of transitioning its most powerful desktop PCs to in-house silicon.

Sources claim that the new ARM-based Mac Pros will feature the same design cues as the current Intel models, but they’ll only take up half the space. What that could mean is a computer that’s even easier to mistake for a cheese grater.

“Apple engineers are currently developing a new Mac Pro that looks like the current design at about half the size,” Bloomberg reported. “It’s unclear if that Mac will replace the current Mac Pro or if it’s an additional model.”

“Apple’s chip designs could help the company reduce the size of its computers due to increased power efficiency, but the current Mac Pro is large, in part, to fit components like additional storage drives and graphics chips.”

The Mac Pro’s transition to Apple Silicon at this early stage is surprising, being that there’s little chance these ARM-based processors can compete with the likes of Intel’s Xeon CPUs and/or AMD’s Radeon Pro graphics cards.

What seems more plausible is an update to the iMac (which is also mentioned), but to be fair, nobody really knows what Apple’s new in-house chips are capable of yet. If the company is really working on an ARM-based Mac Pro, then it must be more powerful than anyone could’ve imagined.

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