Samsung Releases Firmware Fix for Odyssey G7 Gaming Monitors’ G-SYNC Flickering Issues

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Image: Samsung

We previously reported that Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP was gearing up for a class action lawsuit against Samsung for its Odyssey G7 gaming monitors, which contain a defect that causes the image to flicker when G-SYNC is enabled.

The law firm can probably scratch that case off its list, as Samsung has released a new firmware update (ver 1009.3) that reportedly fixes the issue.

While there isn’t much in the change log aside from “4K resolution support” and “improved picture quality,” multiple Odyssey G7 owners on r/Monitors are reporting that the firmware includes a new “VRR” control setting that stops the flickering when vertical sync is enabled.

“Forcing v-sync on via NCP removes the tearing,” wrote one user. “Also LFC must be working, as I see 150hz at 50fps, for example. Overall, this update has completely removed flickering, and as long as I enable v-sync (as recommended for g-sync anyway), everything works perfectly (minus the unrelated rare horizontal lines on deep oranges/blues).”

Others have pointed out that the new firmware also restores DisplayPort functionality for those who lost it after installing the previous, faulty 1007.1 update.

Samsung Odyssey G7 owners who have been encountering flickering issues with G-SYNC will definitely want to try the new firmware, which can be downloaded from the monitors’ official support page.

Tsing Mui
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