PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S Only Have 667 GB and 364 GB of Usable Storage, Respectively

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Xbox Series S
Image: Microsoft

Sony and Microsoft have managed to pack some impressive hardware into their next-gen consoles, but something that might disappoint gamers is the true capacity of their SSDs.

According to a few lucky individuals who managed to score a PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S early, these consoles only have 667 GB and 364 GB of usable storage space, respectively – a stark difference from what’s listed on their specification sheets (825 GB for PS5, 512 GB for XSS).

This would mean that PS5’s system files take up 158 GB of space, while the Xbox Series S’s system files take up 148 GB of space. Next-gen console owners will definitely have to think about other storage solutions, such as third-party SSDs and Microsoft’s expansion cards.

It was previously reported that the Xbox Series X’s 1 TB SSD offers 802 GB of usable space. That doesn’t seem too bad, but next-gen titles such as Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War (136 GB) are poised to take a big bite out of that.

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