Apex Legends Gains 100,000 Concurrent Players on Steam in One Day

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Image: Respawn Entertainment

OC3D is reporting that Apex Legends already has 100,000 concurrent players on Steam. That may not seem huge, but it’s still impressive, being that the game launched just a few days ago on Steam.

When Apex Legends launched last year on Origin, it quickly gained a massive amount of players. In its first eight hours, it gained roughly one million players. Two weeks later, there were two million players. This achievement is a testament to the popularity of free-to-play, battle-royale games.

Apex Legends launched on Steam on November 4 with cross play, which attracted many new players, including those who didn’t want to deal with Origin. Sometimes, just being able to ditch another game launcher is all that it takes to win someone over.

Peter Brosdahl
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