Antec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN 700W Power Supply Review

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Antec Neo ECO GOLD ZEN 700W

One of the most prevalent companies in the consumer power supply realm, and general enthusiast PC realm, is Antec. Antec is a company that has been kicking around the PC DIY market since 1986 and in that time frame has become one of the most widely known brand names. In addition to power supplies, Antec has product lines that include cases for work and play, cooling solutions, lighting, and other accessories. Over the years Antec has used a number of OEM providers for its power supplies including HEC, CWT, FSP, Enhance, Seasonic, Delta, and recently Andyson. The unit we will be looking at is a mainstream product in the guise of the Neo ECO Gold ZEN 700W (model NE700G Zen) which is built by Andyson.

Andyson is a company that end users may or may not be familiar with as they do not have a retail presence in North America but they have provided the basis for a number of power supplies from Hiper, Sunbeamtech, Sigma, BFG, and others. Most notably, Ultra has used Andyson for a number of their power supplies.

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Neo ECO Gold ZENtastic?

The Antec Neo ECO Gold ZEN 700W is the first power supply we have seen from Antec here at TheFPSReview. However, most of our readers are probably already familiar with Antec as they are one of the long time heavyweights in the enthusiast DIY market. We have not heard much from them, however, in the last few years when it comes to power supplies. So, today it will be very interesting to see how this power supply does in our load testing. Before we get to that though, let’s see what Antec has to say about this unit:

The new NeoECO Gold ZEN series features high performance with an 80 PLUS Gold rating, achieving up to 92% efficiency and gives you savings unheard of from other power supplies. Featuring a 120mm whisper-quiet high-quality fan and CircuitShield™ Industrial Grade Protection-all backed up by our 5-year Antec Quality Warranty, NeoECO Gold ZEN series offers a highly efficient, affordable power solution.

Let’s move on now and see what we can expect when a user purchases the Antec Neo ECO Gold ZEN 700W power supply in retail in terms of documentation, accessories, cable count, rail layout, output characteristics, and general build quality.

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