TSMC Ramps Up EUV Equipment Orders

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Image: TSMC

It was previously reported that TSMC is ramping up 3-nm chip production to meet its planned 2022 launch, but the semiconductor manufacturing giant still has its hands full with 5-nm orders. DigiTimes (via r/AMD_Stock) reports that TSMC has ordered more EUV machines that will assist with its long-term strategy. Sources say it has purchased at least 13 sets of machines for 2021, adding to the 15 or 16 in the works for this year. The goal is to have over 30 sets up and running throughout 2020 and 2021.

Image: TSMC

These machines will allow TSMC to ramp up its 5-nm production and improve the roll out of its enhanced N5P process in 2021. This is likely good news for investors in light of recent reports that some of Apple’s orders could be going to Samsung. TSMC is planning on volume production for 4-nm chips in 2022 as well. The purchases also cement TSMC as the world’s top EUV buyer despite Samsung continuing to expand its own fab capacity. Considering today’s supply shortages, it is good to see these rivals increasing their production.

Peter Brosdahl
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