Massive Capcom Leak Reveals Upcoming Projects, Source Code for Older Titles

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Image: Capcom

We previously reported that Crytek and Ubisoft had their data stolen and released online. Capcom is the latest, and it appears it may have had the most information compromised. A user on r/GamingLeaksAndRumours has shared that 60 GB out of 1 TB has been released. DSOG has reported on the projects that have been revealed, along with source code for a couple of past games. Here’s a list of items compiled from both sites.

  1. Monster Rise and Stories 2: Action role-playing games in development for both the Nintendo Switch and PC.
  2. Resident Evil 4 VR: This appears to be an Oculus VR title.
  3. Resident Evil Village: Scheduled for release in April 2021.
  4. Resident Evil Project Highway/Village Online: A possible online battle royale game.
  5. SHIELD: No details on this unannounced multiplayer game, other than a potential release date of 2022.
  6. Devil May Cry 2: Source code released.
  7. Umbrella Chronicles: Source code released.
  8. Guillotine: Unannounced exclusive Nintendo Switch project.

If the rumored amount of 1 TB of data is true, there could be much more to come. We could be looking at more source code for other games and other confidential information.

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