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Hold my beer, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony – there’s a new gaming console in town. This isn’t an early April Fools’ joke or elaborate prank; it really exists. Budweiser’s Anheuser-Busch has announced a limited-edition beer koozie that not only holds beverages but doubles as a gaming console with its own projector.

The BL6 doesn’t seem be readily available, but people can place bids on it as part of an auction (at the time of this posting, it has already reached over $4,200). CPUs and GPUs may not be the only technology getting scalped this season. Here’s what the BL6 has to offer that other consoles don’t.

Image: Anheuser-Busch

BL6 Specifications

  • Can Holsters – 2 x Custom-crafted aluminum koozies meet thermoelectric Peltier (who’d of thought we’d have two stories in one month mentioning this cooling solution?), wrapped up snugly in polystyrene foam to keep your beers cool, wherever you take them.
  • Display – 1 x Projector featuring ASUS Powered DLP System with 720p resolution and 500 Lumens.
  • Power – Battery lasting up to two hours of portable gaming entertainment, which is the perfect amount of time to declare total victory before the lights go out.
  • Memory- 16 GB
  • Controllers – 2 x controllers
  • Games – A six-pack of built-in games featuring Tekken 7, Soul Calibur VI, Flashlight Freeze Tag, RBI20 Baseball, Broforce, and Bud Light Six Puck.
Image: Anheuser-Busch

Anheuser-Busch clearly had a lot of fun designing the BL6 and the promo materials for it. From a mock console comparison chart to some pretty humorous (and probably accurate) descriptions, it has pulled out all the stops with the puns.

Image: Anheuser-Busch
Image: Anheuser-Busch

Show Stopping Details

Automotive-grade graphics and a high precision paint job makes this 3D printed chassis closer to a car than a console.

Image: Anheuser-Busch InBev BUD LIGHT

The (BL)OS

Designed by a team of hopped up designers, BLOS provides a crisp gaming experience that’s meant to look good on any surface, even an old bed sheet.

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  1. [QUOTE=”Paul_Johnson, post: 23820, member: 2″]
    Sure is. Last party I went to that had Bud Light I called dibs on being the DD.
    When I was younger and as my beer tastes got a lot more pickier, I was surprised how many people I offended when I’d turn down one from friends when they offered at parties. So glad Micro’s have really taken off where I live now. If only they can survive COVID. . .

  2. If only AB put as much effort into making good beer as they do into marketing…

    I still wouldn’t buy because the company is evil.

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