Godfall’s (PC) Ray Tracing Is Currently Exclusive to AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series GPUs, for Some Reason

Image: Counterplay Games

Counterplay Games has released a new patch (2.0.95) for the PC version of Godfall, which enables ray tracing in the fantasy looter-slasher. This is great news for gamers who wish to enjoy the game in its highest fidelity, but what’s really odd is that the feature is only available for AMD Radeon RX 6000 Series graphics cards. NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs are out of luck until a future update.

“This quick update, 2.0.95 is just for PC and enables the ability for players to play Godfall with ray tracing on while using applicable AMD GPUs,” Gearbox wrote. “Note: players will need to have the latest AMD GPU drivers to enable this. Ray tracing using NVIDIA GPUs will come with a future update.”

What makes this a weird development is that AMD and its partners have regularly been preaching about open standards. Godfall also leverages Microsoft’s DirectX Raytracing (which GeForce and Radeon graphics cards both clearly support), so there doesn’t seem to be any legitimate reason as to why NVIDIA users can’t enjoy ray tracing with the same patch. (An early beta patch provided by AMD that enabled ray tracing in DIRT 5 has shown that the feature should work just fine on RTX cards.)

You can check out what Godfall’s ray-traced effects look like in AMD’s partner showcase video below. Hopefully, Counterplay Games will update the game for NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards soon.

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