Amazon UK Customers Receiving Random Items Instead of Their PS5 Orders

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Image: Amazon

As if the stress of finding a PlayStation 5 wasn’t enough, imagine receiving an unwanted substitution instead. As reported by Eurogamer, numerous Amazon UK customers who preordered Sony’s next-gen console ended up getting random items (e.g., foot massagers, Nerf guns, and rice) instead.

It was even worse for others, who had their orders marked as being completed even though nothing was delivered. One person took the initiative and confronted a delivery driver when they saw the van pull up, wait, and then leave. Shortly after their order was marked as failed, they followed the driver and asked them to get the package from the van.

Amazon UK told Eurogamer that its goal is to make its customers happy, so it is investigating these complaints. The company is reaching out to everyone so things can be set right. The original story lists far more occurrences, so it could have its hands full. Many others have joined in as well, so despite Amazon UK’s claim that this only affected a small portion of customers, it appears to be a greater issue.

Peter Brosdahl
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