3DMark Will Now Estimate Your GPU’s Performance in Popular Titles

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Image: 3DMark

3DMark’s tests are used by gamers all around the world to determine how their graphics cards might fare in their favorite titles, but wouldn’t it be neat if those Fire Strike and Time Spy scores could immediately be translated to real-time game performance? UL, the team behind 3DMark, has brought that brilliant idea to life with its latest update, which introduces an estimated game performance panel to benchmark results.

The new panel comprises two drop-down categories that allow users to quickly determine what kind of frame rates their GPUs are capable of delivering in five popular games at either 1080p Ultra or 1440p Ultra settings. These titles are Apex Legends, Battlefield V, Fortnite, GTA V, and Red Dead Redemption 2.

“This new game performance feature is powered by extensive data from in-house testing,” UL explains. “UL works with consumer electronics retailers to test and categorize PCs of all types. Every year, UL tests hundreds of PC systems for our retail partners. We test the performance of each system with a selection of benchmarks and popular games. Using this data, we can accurately model the relationship between 3DMark scores and game frame rates.”

UL shared a chart demonstrating how 3DMark would calculate Fortnite’s average FPS in the 1440p setting based on a range of Time Spy graphics scores. A score of 4,000 would translate to an estimated game performance of 50 FPS, while a score of 12,000 would translate to 140 FPS.

3DMark’s latest update also shows users how their benchmark scores compare with results from other systems with the same hardware to confirm that their configurations are performing as intended. “If your score is close to the average, it means your PC is working as it should,” UL noted.

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