Control Is Almost Certainly Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Image: Remedy Entertainment

If you’re an Xbox Game Pass subscriber who hasn’t played Control yet, you’re in luck, as Remedy Entertainment’s mind-bending action shooter is almost certainly coming to Microsoft’s game subscription service.

The official Xbox Game Pass account tweeted a letter today from the company’s imaginary executive, Melissa McGamepass, which teases a new release involving a “sinister red light.” That’s a clear reference to the Hiss—the interdimensional beings that protagonist Jesse Faden is tasked with eliminating from the Federal Bureau of Control’s headquarters, the Oldest House.

“We made so many announcements I could barely keep track,” the letter reads. “EA Play came to console, the cloud gaming (Beta) library got bigger…oh yeah, and the Xbox Series XIS finally launched! No big deal.”

“But guess what? We’re not slowing down for December. EA Play is coming to PC and we have a ton of games slated on top of that! We even included REDACTED, which our fans won’t stop mentioning (that’s why I sent you that .gif with the sinister red light).”

We don’t know of the exact day when Remedy Entertainment’s paranatural romp will be released on Xbox Game Pass, but it could be very soon based on what happened with DOOM Eternal. Microsoft teased id Software’s brilliant sequel in a similar fashion, and it was officially announced for its subscription service shortly after.

Those of you who have no intention of joining Xbox Game Pass but wish to try Control will definitely want to hit up your favorite digital retailers. As part of this weekend’s ongoing Black Friday sales, the Ultimate Edition of the game (which includes all DLCs) can be purchased for $19.99 or less.

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