Disney Could Be Launching an 18+ Streaming Service in 2021

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Image: Disney

Giant Freakin’ Robot has reported on a video that was supposedly prepared for Disney’s next Investor Day (December 10). It features snippets of Logan, Deadpool, Stuber, and Red Sparrow, all of which are rated R, as well as New Mutants and other titles. This seems to be a premier access trailer showcasing a number of projects, which includes the unreleased Black Widow.

Disney has enjoyed overwhelming success with its Disney+ streaming service, which includes a large majority of its catalog, but fans have wondered whether R-rated content might eventually be offered on the family-friendly platform. The acquisition of Fox did include various R-rated properties (e.g., Deadpool and the Alien and Kingsman franchises).

Disney has typically used other companies/labels to produce mature productions. Some might be surprised to know that Dimension Films, Miramax, Hollywood Pictures, and Touchstone Pictures have all been under Disney’s ownership at some point. From Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill to From Dusk till Dawn and Sin City, the list is quite extensive. Stuber was one of 21st Century Studios’ last R-rated movies before the merger, which explains its inclusion in the above video. As seen at the end of trailer, it seems that a new 18+ streaming service is in the works for R-rated content.

Image: Disney
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