NVIDIA Isn’t Getting Rid of the GeForce RTX 3070’s 12-Pin Power Connector


NVIDIA has confirmed that there are no plans to replace the GeForce RTX 3070’s 12-pin power connector with a traditional 8-pin design. The possibility reared its head last week when one of NVIDIA’s social media managers tweeted an image of the midrange GPU with an 8-pin solution as part of a holiday contest, but in a statement provided to Tom’s Hardware, green team explained that it was just an innocent mistake.

“Nvidia issued a statement to Tom’s Hardware, clarifying that it doesn’t have any intention of changing the existing 12-pin power connector on the RTX 3070,” an update to the website’s original coverage reads. “Nvidia stated that the ‘tweet used concept art only, which is being replaced.'”

We’re not sure why old Ampere assets are still making their way around NVIDIA’s graphics designers, but those of you who want to try your hand at winning a GeForce RTX 3070 can go ahead and retweet the photo (which, for some reason, still hasn’t been corrected) and tell Jensen who you trust the most for gaming recommendations.

If you manage to win (there’s already 8.1K retweets…), you and your friend will get a free GeForce RTX 3070—with 12-pin power connector.

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