Some PlayStation 5 Consoles Have a Different, Louder Cooling Fan

Image: Sony

The PlayStation 5 has been applauded for its quiet performance, but the exact level of noise that users can expect from their individual consoles is difficult to determine due to hardware discrepancies. As France’s Les Numeriques reports, Sony actually employs multiple models of cooling fans in its next-gen consoles, some of which are louder than others.

Les Numeriques’ tests suggest that the level of noise is technically negligible (39 dB vs. 43 dB), but the audio samples do reveal unique sound signatures that attest to substantial differences between the cooling fans. Fan “A,” for instance, sounds buzzy, while fan “B” is comparable to an AC unit.

The fan models also sound quite different in standby. At lower speeds, fan “A” gives off a mild, dull droning, while fan “B” seems to exhibit a higher-pitched droning that’s significantly louder. “This can be particularly disturbing when the console is placed in a bedroom,” the author noted in regard to a “squeaking noise.”

Les Numeriques also provided an audio sample of the PS5’s coil whine, which is evidently real and stems from the power supply. Previous reports suggested that a misplaced sticker might be to blame.

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