Sabrent to Launch Massive 16 TB SSD for Consumers

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Image: Sabrent

Today’s consumer SSDs max out at 8 TB, but those of you who have enormous game libraries and demand even higher levels of storage should be pleased to know that Sabrent is working on a viable solution. The popular memory maker has confirmed to TechRadar that it’s prepping a 2.5-inch SATA drive that will offer an incredible 16 TB of storage.

Pricing is unknown, but TechRadar estimates that Sabrent’s 16 TB SSD will cost around $2,000 ($125 per terabyte). The drive is also said to be available for purchase very soon.

“The drives will most likely be based on the reference design announced by Phison earlier this year at CES 2020 […],” TechRadar noted. “The E12S controller uses Micron 96-layer QLC packages and a handful of them will be needed to reach the stated 16TB capacity.”

Users who are seeking a high-capacity SSD to purchase immediately can look into the Samsung 870 QVO and Micron 5200 Ion. These 8 TB drives are currently available for around $800 and $860, respectively.

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