Overclocker Takes Intel’s Ancient, 14-Year-Old Celeron D 347 Processor to 8.36 GHz

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Image: Intel

Overclockers never cease to amaze us with their curiosity and crazy feats. El Chapuzas Informatico (via MyDrivers) has reported on a new achievement from Chinese overclocker ivanqu0208, who decided to push the limits of Intel’s 14-year-old (2006) Celeron D 347 processor to an incredible 8.36 GHz. That happens to be an improvement of over 170 percent based on the CPU’s standard frequency of 3.06 GHz.

While the fastest record for this particular chip is actually 8.51 GHz, ivanqu0208’s feat is certainly notable based on the age of the tech and how most of the overclocking records we hear about these days stem from newer, modern hardware. An ASUS P5E64 WS Professional workstation motherboard (Intel X38 chipset) and liquid nitrogen was used for this achievement.

According to My Drivers and El Chapuzas Informatico, AMD’s FX-8370 remains the fastest-overclocked CPU ever with its record frequency of 8,722.78 MHz. This is an 8C/8T Piledriver processor that was produced under GlobalFoundries’ 32 nm SOI process and released in 2014. Its maximum frequency is 4.3 GHz (half-load turbo).

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