Disney+ Is Getting a Firefly Reboot

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A plethora of shows were unveiled at Disney’s Investor Day last week, but in a surprising twist, something big was left out among all the new Marvel and Star Wars projects. Giant Freakin’ Robot is reporting that Disney is rebooting Joss Whedon’s 2002 sci-fi television series, Firefly, for its streaming service.

Disney actually acquired rights to the show after the Disney/Fox merger in 2019. At the time, most were more concerned about what would happen with more famous properties such as Alien, Deadpool, and X-Men. Other things were quietly happening behind the scenes, however. Sources say that Disney is planning a complete reboot that’s more family friendly, targeting PG rather than the original’s PG-13 rating.

Changing the dynamics of the show could create problems with fans who’ve petitioned a revival for years, but the rumored Disney 18+ service could allow the creators to keep the original themes intact. Mature-oriented Fox content is already believed to be slated for the service. It is also unknown if Joss Whedon will return to helm the series in light of recent controversies stemming from 2017’s Justice League. The once highly sought-after director may not be at the top of Disney’s list. As of yet, the only thing confirmed is that the show is in development.

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