NVIDIA Expected to Announce GeForce RTX 30 Series Mobile GPUs at “GeForce RTX: Game On” Special Broadcast Event on January 12


Mark your calendars, GeForce fans. NVIDIA has announced that it will be hosting a special broadcast event on January 12, 2021 dubbed “GeForce RTX: Game On,” which will presumably see the launch of various new GeForce RTX graphics card products. “Join us as we unveil the latest innovations in gaming and graphics,” a blurb teases.

We can’t confirm what NVIDIA will be showing off yet, but GeForce RTX 30 Series mobile GPUs seem like a pretty safe bet. Recent leaks have revealed that these will likely include GeForce RTX 3080, GeForce RTX 3070, and GeForce RTX 3060 models. Charts shared by Wccftech last month also suggest that they will be paired with not only Intel, but AMD processors.

“Once the AMD 5000 series (Cezzane-H) lands […] this is going to change with NVIDIA high-end GPUs freely available equally on AMD and Intel parts (TigerLake H),” Wccftech noted. “This is going to result in a lot more sales for both NVIDIA and AMD as people who want an AMD CPU coupled with an NVIDIA GPU (in the high-end segment) can finally do so.”

There is also a theory that NVIDIA might reveal the standard GeForce RTX 3060 during its GeForce RTX: Game On event, as it’s rumored to launch at the end of January. This model will reportedly utilize the GA106 GPU and feature 12 GB of VRAM (the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti only has 8 GB).

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