The age of DDR5 might be here sooner than expected. Memory giant TEAMGROUP recently announced that it has not only successfully developed consumer-grade DDR5 memory, but that it’s already entered the validation phase with popular motherboard manufacturers such as ASRock, ASUS, GIGABYTE, and MSI.

“Presently, TEAMGROUP is working hard at producing its first batch of DDR5 memory with the tentative specifications of 16GB, 4800MHz, and 1.1V for a single module,” the company noted. “The successful completion of the validation phase will confirm that the frequencies of standard DDR5 products surpass those of overclocked DDR4 products, and will represent another big step forward in the evolution of computer memory.”

It isn’t clear when TEAMGROUP’s first batch of DDR5 might go on sale, but the company has fueled anticipation by confirming that the new generation of memory will provide a huge performance bump without any sort of tweaking required. The implication is that overclocked DDR5 will be especially mind-blowing.

“After installing DDR5 memory, consumers can directly boot up their computers and experience the high performance without the overclocking step of DDR4,” TEAMGROUP wrote. “The powerful advantages of faster DDR5 will be instantly demonstrated and consumers will be able to effortlessly enjoy the extreme speed brought by the new generation.”

The DDR5 SDRAM specification was officially announced by the JEDEC association this summer. While initial modules are expected to reach 4.8 Gbps, DDR5 memory is actually capable of up to 6.4 Gbps of bandwidth—double that of DDR4.

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