PlayStation 5 Now Warns You If You’re About to Play the Last-Gen (PS4) Version of a Game

Image: Sony

PlayStation 5 owners have discovered that Sony’s next-gen console will now warn you if you’re about to play the PS4 version of a game. The addition has been confirmed by Tidux, who tweeted a screenshot of the following warning: “Confirm game version. You’re about to play the PS4 version of this game. Do you want to switch to the PS5 version?”

Sony was presumably encouraged to add this dialog after Call of Duty: Black Ops players on PS5 found themselves playing the last-gen version of the game without knowing it. As Eurogamer explained in its coverage last month, users who installed both versions could inadvertently be defaulted to the PS4 edition.

“[…] if you hit download all – and you’d be forgiven for doing just that if you wanted all the modes available – you download the PS5 and the PS4 version of the game,” Eurogamer wrote. “And after that’s done, it appears the PS5 may default to the PS4 version when you hit the play button.”

“To play the PS5 version, you need to hit the three dots icon next to the play button, and change your selection to the PS5 version. This briefly refreshes the user interface, and from there hitting play will boot the PS5 version.”

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