Samsung to Continue Producing LCD Panels for at Least One More Year

Image: Samsung

It was reported back in March that Samsung would cease production of liquid crystal display panels by the end of 2020, but according to a Reuters report and sources with media outlet IT Chosun, the Korean giant has decided to do a 180 and extend LCD manufacturing for at least a year. The reversal was prompted in large part by COVID-19, which has kept people home and driven up the demand for TVs, monitors, and other display devices for work and/or entertainment.

“Samsung Electronics’ display unit said on Tuesday it will extend production of liquid crystal display (LCD) panels for TVs and monitors, as more people sought home entertainment during the coronavirus pandemic,” Reuters wrote in reference to a story by local media outlet IT Chosun that claimed production would be extended by a year at the request of Samsung’s set manufacturing division.

“Samsung Display’s decision to extend LCD production in South Korea for an unspecified period of time overrides its announcement in March that it would end all production by the end of the year to focus on more advanced technology,” the publication added.

That advanced technology would include MicroLED, which Samsung has been slowly teasing since the conception of “The Wall” (a massive, modular 146-inch TV) back in 2018. The company recently announced that it had launched and begun taking preorders for a 110-inch MicroLED for consumers, which purportedly offers the same great picture quality as OLED but without any of its deficiencies, such as lower brightness and burn-in. This is thanks to the technology’s self-emissive LEDs.

“With Samsung’s latest engineering innovations, the 110’’ MicroLED uses micrometer-sized LED lights to eliminate the backlight and color filters utilized in conventional displays,” a press release reads. “Instead, it is self-illuminating—producing light and color from its own pixel structures.”

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